Server Cabinets

TOTEN's server cabinets are spacious and well-ventilated. Be at ease as you load up these steel cabinets while the vents and top-mounted cooling fans keep the heat under control. TOTEN cabinets include adjustable rails, caster wheels along with removable doors and side-panels for great flexibility to suit your needs!

Closed Cabinet

Toten's Closed Frame cabinets feature removable and lockable side panels and doors. These improve the aesthetics of the cabinet as well as providing security for your valuable network and server equipment. If additional access is necessary, the panels and doors can be temporarily removed and set aside. Toten's closed-frame cabinets are adaptable to your ever-changing needs.

Available Sizes

Open Frame Cabinet

This standard open frame version of Toten's server cabinets is fully exposed for quick access and maximum ventilation. Offering the same robust skeleton as the closed frame series, the open frame Toten server cabinet can easily be upgraded to a fully enclosed type by purchasing the side-panels and doors separately.

Available Sizes