Wall Mounts

Enclosed or open, wall mounting a rack or cabinet is a versatile choice for conserving space and resources. Toten wall mount racks & cabinets come in a number of sizes, heights, depths and models. We are confident you will find the right wall mount rack or cabinet for your server room, data closet or whatever environment you come up against.


TOTEN's wall mounted cabinets feature the same well-ventilated design as the standard server cabinets including the removable doors and sides. With adjustable rails along with cutouts for cable routing, you can access your equipment quickly and easily keep cable clutter to a minimum!

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TOTEN's wallmount brackets are great for mounting lighter equipment while avoiding the bulk of a full cabinet. Featuring adjustable sides, these brackets have great flexibility while the steel construction makes it sturdy enough to support all your equipment!


Hinged Extendable

Relay Racks

Easy to assemble, TOTEN's wallmount relay racks lets you get going quickly with attaching your equipment to a wall. Features durable steel construction, these relay racks are ideal for mounting telecommunications equipment.

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